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The Staff

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We believe that great companies stem from great employees. With our fabulous staff running the show and operating our online services, we’re confident that you’ll get the best products, ideas and tips every time you shop at our store. Learn more about our amazing team below.

rozlynn phat girlz fibre

Rozlynn Dotson

Co-Owner/Yarn Dyer

Rozlynn is a single mother of two almost full-grown children who enjoys exploring her creative side through various crafts such as macrame and yarn dying. In her free time, she likes to go hiking with her furry friend Tippy, a pit bull and boxer mix who she adores for her cute and carefree personality.

Rozlynn has a fun-loving, energetic, and outgoing personality that allows her to connect easily with others. She values her time with her family and friends and cherishes the moments she spends with them, whether it's going on adventures outdoors or just relaxing at home.

When it comes to her hobbies, Rozlynn takes great pride in her crafting skills and often makes handmade items to give as gifts or to sell online. Her passion for hiking and spending time with her dog, Tippy, keeps her active and engaged with the outdoors, which is something she finds both fulfilling and energizing.

Overall, Rozlynn is a dynamic and passionate individual who values creativity, connection, and adventure in her life.

Ashley phat girlz fibre

Ashley Moschel


Ashley is an introverted individual who enjoys spending her free time with her beloved dog Cousteau, whom she affectionately refers to as her "fluffy nugget." Together, they often go on hiking adventures in the great outdoors, exploring nature and enjoying each other's company.

Ashley also has a creative side and enjoys knitting and sewing as a way to unwind and express herself. These hobbies allow her to be both productive and introspective, which is something she values as an introverted individual.

Family is important to Ashley, and she cherishes the time she spends with them. As an introvert, she tends to prefer quiet and intimate settings where she can connect deeply with those around her.

Overall, Ashley is a gentle and thoughtful person who finds joy in simple pleasures and quiet moments with her dog and loved ones.

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